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  V3 turns 5! (And Z7 turned 4!)
Station V3 is five years old today! To celebrate, there's a guest strip week going on right now!

(Also - Z7's turned four last year, and to celebrate, I'm mentioning it here now!)

  Station V3 book
The first collection of Station V3 strips, An Experimental Space Pod Visits Station V3!, is now available at!

  V3 turns 4 (and Z7 turned 3)
Today is Station V3's fourth birthday, and the celebration includes a guest strip week!

(Also - last month was Z7's third birthday!)

  Alternate Delusions 4th Anniversary
Today, January 1st, 2007, marks the official four year anniversary of Alternate Delusions.

  Front page redesign
I'm giving the front page here a bit of a redesign.

One thing you'll notice is that if you're reading this, it's not on the front page!

  1,000 strips at The Mansion of E
The Mansion of E has hit the 1,000 strip mark, and will be celebrating with a guest art week.

Also, an archive CD with the first 700+ strips and some extra features is available. Get yours today!

  V3 is 3
Station V3 is three years old today! To mark the occasion, there will be a week of guest strips, starting tomorrow.

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